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Clearing the EEPROM for the E3 CNC controller

Posted by Bob Wood on

In this instruction, we will walk thru the steps we use to erase the EPPROM to prepare to reflash the E3 CNC router. This will remove the firmware from the controller and it will need to be reinstalled. 

1.Download and install the Arduino IDE.

2. Open the Arduino IDE and connect your controller.

3. In the tools menu, set the board type to UNO and comm port to your comm port.

4. Load the example program “EEPROM Clear.”

5. Upload the EEPROM Clear to the controller by clicking the right arrow. This will make sure that the EPPROM is clear.

 The firmware is removed and the EEPROM is clear!


 Please see our other blogs for uploading the firmware

Grbl 1.1e

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