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Downloading UGS Platform

A little back story...

I bought my Surface Pro 4 not quite a year ago.  I loved the idea of a tablet/laptop.  It is everything I hoped it would be with one exception, I wasn’t prepared own three brand new Pro 4’s in less than a year.  I had my first Surface less than a month when the screen de-laminated from the frame.   When took it back to Best Buy they immediately replaced it with a new one.  I had to set up my computer for the second time and re-download all the software I use.  I wasn’t happy about it but stuff happens. 

When Bob first designed the E3 it was made to connect to a computer with serial ports, it was old school.  I asked him to modify the design so I could run it off my Surface and its lone USB port. He did and I began learning how to operate my E3.  Then a couple weeks ago the lone USB port on my Surface died; not a software glitch a real honest to goodness hardware malfunction.  So, I made another trip to Best Buy.  All I can say is thank God for extended protection plans.  Happily, I went home with Surface number three.  Unhappily I had to reinstall all that software again.  I’m whining, I know, it’s what I do when I’m forced to do stuff I hate to do.

So, even though I now have my third brand new Surface Pro 4, I went on EBay and bought a HP ProBook for $100.00 which will run my E3 just fine.  And Since I had to down load GSP, NC Corrector and F-Engrave again I thought I’d walk you through the process of downloading UGS.

To download UGS Platform

  1. Click on the following link to download USG platform @ (
    look at the bottom of the screen and select “UGS Platform.”  The screen will look like this. Scroll to the very bottom.


After downloading> Open Folder > Open “bin”> select “ugsplatform 64



Next extract the "ugsplatform 64" and pin a shortcut to your taskbar.

Congratulations!  One down two to go.  Even small victories are sweet!  Don’t forget to download F-Engrave and NC Corrector.