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Making a Sign with F-Engrave

A few years ago I made some name plaques for family members and friends as a Christmas gift.  I did some online research to discover the meaning their first name and learned what I could about its origin.  I then looked for a character trait that I could find reflected in a bible verse.  When I was done I laid everything using a word processing program, printed, matted and framed them.

The very first project I wanted to try with my E-3 was to engrave a name plate.  I expected it to be a really simple project but because I don't know a thing about CNC engraving it turned into a character building experience.  It was frustrating. I wanted to quit. But in the end I learned a few things and am fairily happy with the result and I expect to better results as time goes alone.

First step: Create Your design and save it as a JPEG.  For those as uniformed as me, a JPEG is, "a file format which is used to compress digital images. The amount of compression can be changed. If an image is high quality, it will take up a large amount of storage. If it is low quality, it will take up a small amount of storage (Wikipedia).  

First step: I used Microsoft published to create the text and layout my graphics.

The JPEG looked like this:

In order to keep my design files in order I have a file folder on my desktop called "E3 Projects.  Inside that folder I have three subfolders folders.  The first is labeled designs, this is where I save all the graphic files I create using Microsoft Publisher.  The second file is labeled JPEG's and it contains files that I converted to JPEGs intending to use them to create G-code files.  The third file is called G-code files which I have created using F-Engrave.

I'm not even going to pretend I understand F-Engrave.  I learned the basics reading all the documnentation I could find online and by watching YouTube videos.  Where was this stuff when I was a kid?  O yea, we were using charcoal to write on flat stones and clay tablets.

In my next blog I'm going to walk through some of the things I've learned about F-Engrave.  Thanks for waiting so patiently as I try to learn this stuff.


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