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The cost of running CNC machines

Anyone who knows me, knows I love machines that move. CNC machines have become my passion. I have built several rout...

The 3D Printing Software we use at BobCNC

One question that comes up fairly often is: Where do you get your models? First for the newbies to 3D printing, the ...

The stepper motor for CNC machines

When I was a young boy I would make airplanes and trucks with dc electric motors I got from my toys or dad’s shop. ...

The making of the 3D Printer extruder

The RP9 is getting a new extruder. The current extruder works well, and I have been very pleased with its performance...

Backlash… what is it and what can we do to minimize it?

For a CNC router lead screw, backlash is the axial movement of the nut. If you take a nut and thread it onto a rod yo...

Dealing with humidity when printing with PLA

Yes, its that time of year again, storm after storm with high humidity. If you are like me, you left the printer on t...

CNC Router with Vacuum Helps With a Dust Free Shop

It should be no surprise that adding a vacuum attachment to the router will greatly reduce the amount of dust in ...

Making acetel fast travel ACME tap (3/8"-8 with 4 starts)

A quick search of the internet will show people making their own taps with a rotary tool and a grinding wheel. For st...
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