Its fun learning how to use technology to create new projects.  It’s what drives BobsCNC.  So, it’s no surprise that one of the questions we often hear is if we have a Laser accessory for our E-series, Evolution series or the KL series CNC Routers . 

Laser cutting and engraving is a great CNC application. While it seems logical for BobsCNC to manufacture a laser engraver we have chosen not to.  Our CNC Routers are not designed to be used for CNC lasers and we don’t recommend modifying them for that purpose. The issue is customer safety.

While most hobby machines generally use a 5-watt or smaller laser, whether it is a diode or some other type, there are serious risks for burns and even irrreversable eye damage.  The safest course for us is to encourage our customers to look for products specifically designed for laser engraving. 

If you are going to operate a laser engraver remember three simple rules.

1. Always wear eye protection that is rated to filter out the wavelength (color) of the laser you are using.

2. Only use eye protection with a certified Optical Density (OD) of 5+ or higher.

3.  Avoid all direct and reflective contact with a laser beam. Never underestimate the possibility of an eye injury. Damage to the cornea or worse to your retina will be permanent.

April 26, 2021 — Keith Havens