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BobsCNC Update (CNC Router and 3D Printer)

Shop work has been a little slow the last few weeks. I have been busy with things other than BobsCNC. Next week is Maker Faire in Kansas City. I have found that projects do not seem to go as quick as I think they should. 

I have one printer left for sale on Amazon. Fathers day has been good for business. I am working to put more kits together but the supplier of my extruder is no longer in business. Today, I started testing my own version. The design will not change too much as I really like the current extruder design. I will be putting the extruder through some prints to make sure it works as well as the current desigin. I have parts on order and will put kits back in inventory as quick as possible. I do appreciate all the positive feedback and the build pictures.

The router is coming together. I have enough material to make 5 kits. The Dewalt router mounts have a nice fit and clamp real nice. The ACME mounts are ready to bolt up. I still need to make the final Z-carriage, then I will start taking pictures for the assembly manual. At the moment, I am working to get the 3D printer extruders made. I will try to put the latest pictures of the router online in the next few weeks. I plan to have a basic and deluxe kit. I would appreciate any feedback on what these kits would include.

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