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Celebrating one year in business


The good news is we are moved and most all of our stuff arrived with minor bumps and scuffing. The bad news is we were not able to keep up with 3D printer sales. I know this may seem like a good problem to have so I am not complaining, but we want to do better. We are back in business as of today.

We are introducing a new RP9v2. The new features include a new all metal extruder with cooling fan, aluminum helical couplers, and new placement of the controller for easier access. The assembly instructions have been uploaded on our 3D printer page.​

BobsCNC has been in business for one year. We have had a fun year building 3D printers kits and receiving feedback from our customers. We have learned quite a bit and will continue to as we start our second year (maybe I will be able to get the CNC  router finished). All in all, it has been a good year with increasing sales and growing web traffic on our web pages.

If you know me you would know that one of my favorite speakers is Andy Stanley. The week’s topic was gratitude. I must admit I take best friend and wife for granted. It is easy to do after 31 years of marriage. I want to say, without her, there would not be a BobsCNC. She has always encouraged me when sales were down. She also takes care of the accounting, does shipping, and is now working to keep up with our inventory. She even helps with production. I just want to say thank you Pam for all the work that you do to keep BobsCNC up and running.