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Dewalt 611 upgrade, making parts and tooling

Posted by Bob Wood on
Dewalt 611 upgrade

Dewalt upgrade

First, let me say that I have switched out the quiet spindle for a Dewalt 611 trim router. The quiet spindle worked for the few pieces I cut with it, but it did not seem to have the same duty cycle as the rest of the kit. I might keep the few spindles I have purchased and try them out on a light duty CNC router or engraver. This kit will have the option for the Dewalt or Bosch trim routers.

Making parts

Sometimes progress seems quick and other times it would seem that things are standing still. I have been feeding the router with scrap pieces of wood, mostly yellow pine and MDF; however, I am going to pause testing until I can get a dust collection system attached. The shop gets dusty quite quickly. I did post a video on YouTube, but it is boring; it just shows the Dewalt going back and forth for a minute or two. I did move the RP9 3D printers inside so I could continue to print in a clean environment.

Dewalt 611 samples

Dewalt 611


While the 3D printers are making PLA parts and the CNC router is cutting wooden parts just to get time on the machine, I have been working on tooling and writing g-code. This will ensure that I have quality aluminum parts while keeping the time to a minimum so that I can keep the cost as low as possible. The prototype router has the side rails that were drilled on the drill press. The fixture was clumsy and awkward. I moved this operation to the lathe. The bolt-on fixture simplifies the drilling operation.

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