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Making the Right E3 Buying Decision

Posted by Keith Havens on

I’ve been doing some basic housekeeping in my shop.  It was a mess.  I spent the last three weekends sorting, organizing, and getting rid of tools I never use.  I found some I bought 10-15 years ago still in their original packaging.  Have you ever bought a tool or an accessory only to end up wondering why you ever bought it in the first place?  What was I thinking?

Over the last year, there have been a few customers who bought the E3 not realizing what they were getting into and have regretted their decision.  I feel their pain.  So, I decided to blog out a gentle warning. Are you listening? Buying a CNC router is not a good idea for some people.

There’s more to owning an E3 than pulling a tool out of a box and plugging it in.  Unlike most tools, the E3 does not come preassembled. It is a kit with a lot of parts and components.  Did I mention that it has a lot of parts?  If you don’t like things like jigsaw puzzles then take a deep breath and back away from the order button.

Beyond the challenge of assembling the kit, if you don’t have a background in CAD/CAM you’re going to face the learning curve of mastering some rather non-intuitive computer programs so you can run your E3.  I’m not trying to discourage you.  I want you to make your purchase with your eyes wide open.

If you’re thinking about buying an E3 take a few minutes and read through the assembly instructions, Quick Start Guide, Trouble Shooting Guide and Frequently Asked Questions first.  Also Check out our friends on Youtube:  Brian with WoodenCreationz’  produced a How-to-assemble-an-E3 assembly video: and Steve3PO, The Tinker Bandit, has an entertaining take on the assembly process with a couple of great ideas thrown in

Assembly Instruction:

Quick Start Guide:

Trouble Shooting Guide:

Frequently Asked Questions: (see the bottom of web page).

Once you've taken the time to consider the information you'll be ready to make your purchase and we'll be here to help.


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