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Thank you, RP9 3D Printer sales have been better than anticipated

Posted by Bob Wood on
RP9 3D Printer

I have a friend where I work who sells on Amazon. Accepting my friend’s advice, I decided to try selling the RP9 3D printer on Amazon. It was a bit slow at first but has steadily picked up as the summer continued. I thought I would share with you some of the things we're learning about the retail business. 

But first, let me say thanks to all the folks that have left me 5 star ratings on Amazon and also those who have taken the time to email us and let us know how the RP9 printer project is going. We always enjoy seeing pictures of RP9 projects. Your comments keep us motivated and have helped us grow our business. They also let the 3D printer community know your experience with our low cost kit. We are currently on the 1st or 3rd pages of Amazon search using the search terms “3D Printers” or “3D Printer.” 

I designed this kit for the person who is familiar with 3D printers and loves to make things but does not have the time or equipment to get a printer project going. My initial thought was to offer only the parts that would be difficult to make and add the bolts and nuts that I could buy in bulk and make the kit cost effective. However, most of my sales are for the deluxe kit. If you are brand new to printers, please review the assembly manual and be prepared to learn about slicing software, filament temperature and speed, as well as 3D printer functions. While the learning curve can be steep at times it can also be fun.

Our goal is to send out 100% quality kits ready to assemble and get printing. While we have mistake proofing and auditing in place, we still make a mistake every once in a while. We will continue to make every effort to eliminate errors. However, we at BobsCNC are committed to get it right and ensure our customers are completely satisfied. If you have a question or need assistance, I try to answer my emails the same day. My goal is to treat my customers the way I would like to be treated.

The beginning of September was busy for us. We sold our months supply in the first weekend. We sold-out on Amazon and our web page store. We have been scrambling to order supplies and manufacture more kits. We plan to have kits ready for sale September 17th. While selling kits is good, it would be better if we were ready for the extra business. We have decided to significantly raise our inventory to better prepare for the next time.

Thanks again for all your feedback.

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