Jan 7, 2022

Level of Difficulty:  3 out of 5

Machine:  Table saw

Additional tools:  Digital Calipers 

Material:  ¾” MDF

Dimensional Drawings: KL744KL733, Evolution5, Evolution4

We’ve updated the design of our spoilboard from a solid piece of MDF with threaded inserts to a T-Slot spoilboard. This blog is written for those of you who want to makle your own T-Slot spoilboard. Included, you will find spoilboard drawings for the Evolution 4, Evolution 5, the KL733 and KL744 CNC Routers. Since the cutting area of each machine is different, the dimensions and number of pieces required for each machine will differ. Be sure the drawing you choose matches your machine.

( How am I going to do this?  Lay out a step by step process for me. How do I determine the width of the boards?  What determines the geometry of the notches?  How wide should the boards be? Tell me what to measure and how to measure it.)

IMPORTANT: The dimensions noted fit the specified working length of the specified machine. You may wish to add an inch to the overall length of the T-Slot pieces to allow for an overhang on your machine. If you decide to modify the length of the T-Slot pieces, you will also need to change the length of your spacer plywood pieces as well.


January 18, 2022 — John Havens
Tags: CNC CNC router