Below are the instructions on upgrading the original one-piece spoilboard to the new T-Slot spoilboard. The spoilboard slots will work with most T-Slot clamps or we offer a simple clamp kit here: Evolution Wood Clamp Kit


  • 1- Evolution 4 Spoilboard
  • 2- 1”x2”x8’ Lumber (not included)
  • 40- ¾” woodscrews for screwing in the batten strips(not included)

Step 1 Cut two 17-inch and four 28-inch pieces of 1 x 2 stock (not included). These will serve as battens that you can screw into to secure your spoilboard. Align the pieces so that their top edge is approx. 1/16-inch below the top edge of the Frame Supports as shown.

Attach the two 17-inch pieces at either end between the Corner Supports and attach with 3/4” wood screws (not included). Space and attach the 28-inch pieces for the interior Frame Supports, orienting them to the Mid Rail Supports as shown.



Before installing the T-Slots it is important to make sure the X Frame is square. The simplest way to do this is to measure the distance diagonally from one corner of the cutting area to the other. If distances are exactly the same the X-Frame is square. If not, gently rack the frame until the measurements are equal.



Step 2 Install the SB-3 T-Slot with the notch facing down along the left side of the Z frame as shown. Then install a SB-7 Spacer Strip so that it fits beneath the bottom notch of the T-Slot. It’s a good idea to set the overhang you want at the beginning as shown below.



Step 3 Repeat Step 2 using a SB-4 T-Slot Large making sure the notch is fully seated on top of the Spacer Strip. Repeat the procedure to install the remaining Spacer Strips and T-Slot Boards. Fit the second SB-3 T-Slot Small Board to finish the installation.



Step 4 Use the 1.25” wood screws to secure the T-Slot Boards to the X Frame Assembly. Make sure the overhangs are consistent before screwing the T-Slot boards to the Fastening Strips. Secure the two outside T-Slot Small board tight against each side and then secure the boards between them. NOTE: We recommend counter sinking the cabinet screws approx. 3/16” below the surface of the T-Slot Boards.


November 30, 2021 — Jonathan Horn