Red Green used to say, "If the women don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy."  I'm handy.  I can wire new circuits, fix a roof, repair plumbing and install doors and windows.  

I don't like assembling furniture that comes in a box and I'm not crazy about putting kits together.  I'm telling you this because a some customers are intimidated by the thought of having to assemble a CNC Router kit.

I've assembled all of our machines.  All those boxes of parts, stepper motors, bags of nuts, bolts and screws, and bearings made my knees quiver.  But the assembly of each machine proved to be a straight forward follow-the-instructions project and a great learning experience.

So, if you’re putting off your purchase of a BobsCNC because you’re not sure you can swim in the deep end, we get it.  We’re here to help.  You’re gonna love it.  It might take some time but trust me, you are gonna love it.

April 13, 2023 — Keith Havens