It should be no surprise that adding a vacuum attachment to the router will greatly reduce the amount of dust in the shop. This vacuum hood is currently a 2 piece design. The top piece connects to the router's main diameter. It also provides the mount for the vacuum hose. The bottom piece can be positioned with dowels and held in place with magnets. The soft brush can be different lengths depending on the depths of cut and the length of the router bits. The top picture shows one leaf pattern cut from a piece of pine. The bottom picture is after 3 pieces of the leaf pattern (1 with pine and 2 with MDF). It does allow a little local dust, but all in all I would say it functions well.

Once I finish up the design I plan to publish the g-code and list of parts. The design uses conveyer brushes that I purchased from McMaster Carr. There are several different lengths of these brushes that should cover the different configurations of bit length and cutting depths. The 2 main pieces could be made with 1/2" hdpe or birch plywood.

CNC Router with Vacuum CNC Router Vacuum
November 08, 2021 — Pamela Wood