Evolution implies change over time. It is why we named our new CNC series the Evolution. Since their introduction three years ago, we have received suggestions for improvements to the E3 and E4 CNC Router. Rather than release a patchwork of improvements, we opted to take the time to thoroughly design and engineer a new machine incorporating those customer-driven improvements.

  1. We replaced the threaded rod on the Z Axis with an Acme Rod for faster Z travel which reduces overall job time.
  2. The Acme Rod is secured-in-place with a bearing and locking collar to eliminate wobble on the Z axis.
  3. By incorporating a Delrin Acme Nut, we eliminated the need to lubricate the Z Drive.
  4. We designed adjustable Eccentric Spacers that keep the SG20U Bearings tight against the rails and to make tramming adjustments easier.
  5. We engineered and designed a Torsion Box Gantry to reduce linear and torsional deflection to increase cutting speed without compromising accuracy.
  6. We incorporated an integrated Belt-Tensioner to simplify belt-tightening.
  7. We created Router Mounts for quieter, variable speed routers so you can choose from either a DeWalt DW611 of a Makita RT0701C Router.
  8. We made the Self-Squaring Gantry standard.
  9. We optimized wire routing to eliminate electrical interference and keep the wires from being damaged by moving parts.
  10. We included a one-piece Spoilboard with Inserts to simplify assembly, and we made it optional for customers who want greater savings or want to design their own.


The Evolution Series will… “Unleash Your Creativity.”

April 17, 2020 — Kristin Allison