My wife, Pam and I are planning to go to the Maker Faire in KC on June 27th. We have not been to one and thought it would be interesting to see. We are not setting up a booth, but just visiting to see the other makers. Sounds like lots of fun… hope to see you there.

Since we are going, I thought it would be good to have t-shirts with the BobsCNC logo. The price for a lot of shirts is about the same for a few so we bought a lot. Pam gave some to the grand-kids… the plot thickens.

Michael, an engineer I work with was putting together a local softball team. Once he heard that I had a bunch of t-shirts, he asked if I would be interested in sponsoring a team. It sounded like a good opportunity to support the community and get my name out there, even though Independence KS is a small town of 9,000… oh there is more.

A softball team would not be complete without ball caps. So Pam ordered a bunch of caps for the team. It was a fun season watching games in the evening. We are planning on sponsoring the team for the summer.

If you are going to Kansas City Maker Faire this month, keep a look out for us.

Bob's CNC Softball Bob's CNC Softball Bob's CNC Softball
Bob's CNC Softball Bob's CNC Softball Bob's CNC Softball
November 08, 2021 — Pamela Wood