BobsCNC has built its reputation by manufacturing Best In Class Hobby CNC's using Baltic Birch plywood. You can image our shock when in the Spring, our suppliers told us that 6mm and 12mm Baltic Birch was no longer available.

We considered designing a new machine from, aluminum or steel.  We estimated than it would take us a year to engineer, prototype, test and manufacture an aluminum machine to replace our Evolution Series CNC Router Kits.

When we explored the possibility of finding a replacement for Baltic Birch. Our suppliers assured us they had dependable supplies of 5mm hardwood plywood so we went to work designing a new CNC using the thinner plywood with the requirement that it would hold the same .002 to .004 inch resolution as the Evolution Series. To enhance the rigidity of the 5mm material we designed a torsion box X-Frame, enlarged the size of the Gantry and the X and Y Carriages by approximately twenty percent, and increased the number of and size of internal supports.

In addition, we designed a new, front adjustable router mount, a belt drive system with 9mm rather than 6mm belts. By rotating the belts ninety degrees we simplified belt routing and installation.  New belt retainers were designed to eliminate virtually all belt slippage and make it easier to tension the belts. Last, we designed a custom aluminum T-slot extrusion for a brand new spoilboard.

After testing, we were confident the new design consistently met our required standards.  Happy ending. Then, unexpectedly our suppliers told us they had found new sources of 6mm and 12mm Baltic Birch.  Knowing how well our new design worked with 5mm material we knew if would perform even better with 6mm Baltic Birch.

That’s how the new Quantum Series CNC Router came to be.  The Quantum MINI comes with a 16” x 16” cutting area, The Quantum has a cutting area of 24” x 24”, and the Quantum MAX has a cutting area of 24” x 50.5”.