In this instruction, we will walk thru the steps we use to install grbl on the controller of the Evolution 3 and 4 CNC router.

1.Download and install the Arduino IDE.

2. Download and unzip the latest grbl source code

3. Install the “grbl” folder from the unzipped source code into the installed Arduino “library” folder.

Installing the latest Grbl firmware to the E3 CNC router

4. Edit and save the changes to files that you want to change


5. Open the Arduino IDE and connect your controller.

6. In the tools menu, set the board type to UNO and com port to your com port.

7. Load the example program “EEPROM Clear.”

8. Upload the EEPROM Clear to the controller by clicking the right arrow. This will make sure that the EPPROM is clear.

9. Open the grbl.ino file. It is in the …\grbl\examples\grblUpload directory

10. Upload the grbl file by clicking the right arrow. onto the controller.

The firmware should be ready to run!


If you would like to explore the changes that we have made to the BobsCNC controller please see the files below.

Evolution 3

Evolution 4


KL7 Series







November 05, 2021 — Bob Wood
Tags: Firmware