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Ball Screw Drives

There are a number of different ways to translate the rotation of a stepper motor or servo motor shaft into linear mo...

Adjusting a Hall Effect Home Switch on a KL Series CNC Router

With the introduction of the KL7 Series of CNC routers, BobsCNC began using Hall Effect (magnetic) home switches.  Th...

Laser Engravers

There is nothing as much fun as learning to use technology to help you create new projects.  It’s what drives us to b...

Gcode, Controllers, Grbl, Firmware Settings, and EEPROM.

For experienced woodworkers and hobbyists, learning to operate a CNC Router is like moving to a foreign country.  The...

Adjusting the Bell Everman Drive

The KL7 series CNC Routers from BobsCNC feature a Bell-Everman belt drive that virtually eliminates belt stretch and ...

Gcode, Axes, Planes and the Evolution CNC Router

Anyone who owns or is thinking about purchasing a CNC Router needs to learn some some G-code basics .  G-code is the ...

Home and Limit Switches

This is an article to help get a better understanding of the purpose of home and limit switches.

How To Install Estlcam

How to Install Estlcam If you are looking for a Computer Aided Machining (CAM) program that makes it easy to perform ...

Getting To Know Universal Gcode Sender (UGS)

I'm assuming that you have installed UGS.  If you haven't done that yet follow this link (

Adding Bluetooth to your BobsCNC Router

In this article I’m going to show you how to add Bluetooth capability to any BobsCNC Router. There are at least three...

UGS and Alarm 1

Universal Gcode Sender is the software interface that connects your computer to your CNC. The UGS screen allows you t...

Downloading Software for Your Evolution CNC Router.

Once you have completed assembling your Evolution CNC Router, your next step will be downloading the software needed ...
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