The terms precision and accuracy are often used synonymously when talking about CNCs, however, they are two unique qualities. Accuracy refers to how closely a finished project reflects the gcode file used to create it. Precision refers to a CNC’s ability to run the same gcode file over and over again and achieve the same results.  Both are dependent on the CNC router’s ability to hold tolerance (defined below). 

Tolerance: Woodworkers generally accept a tolerance of 1/64” (.0156 inch) when cutting and joining. To put this in perspective a human hair is approximately .005” thick, and a piece of copy paper is approximately .004” inch thick. BobsCNC Routers are engineered to consistently hold tolerance between .002 to .004 inches when operated within recommended speeds and feeds.  

Durability/ Dependability  

Dependability means that every component of your BobsCNC router will perform its function every time you use it. Durability means that every component will stand up to hundreds of hours of operation without premature wear or failure.  


Affordability is the value you get when you divide cost by performance. The Quantum, KL, and Revolution series from BobsCNC are designed to give you Best-In-Class performance and value when compared dollar for dollar to any Hobby CNC on the market. 

January 04, 2024 — Keith Havens