With the introduction of the KL7 Series of CNC routers, BobsCNC began using Hall Effect (magnetic) home switches.  This article was written to help you adjust the switches for accurate homing.

The Hall Effect switches are normally open, active switches.  When the sensor of a Hall Effect switch comes in proximity of a magnet it sends a 5-volt pulse to the controller which is programmed to recognize the pulse as a home switch location.  Unlike mechanical switches, Hall Effect Switches don’t have moving parts that are easily damaged or wear out.

To adjust a Hall Effect switch on the X-axis, jog the gantry toward the magnets mounted at the back of the X Frame.  When the switch comes into the proximity of the magnet the diode on the top of the barrel will light up.  Stop jogging and measure the distance from the back of the Gantry to the back of the X Frame on both sides.  Both sides should be at the same distance.  Adjust the switches by loosening the nuts and moving the switch in or out and retighten the nuts.

To adjust the Z axis jog the Z Carriage as high on the acme rod as possible while not letting the bearing touch the Upper Ball Screw Mount as shown above.  

Follow the same jogging procedure to adjust Y-axis (see picture below.)

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April 26, 2021 — Keith Havens