When the Evolution is not running properly, one of the issues that you may come across is that the X-axis belt is either loose or not correctly installed. To install the belt, have the belt placed in the back belt retainer with the teeth facing down. Then the belt will need to be routed through the pulleys. To do this keep the teeth facing down when going around the idler pulley (pulley without groves). Make sure the smooth side of the belt is on the smooth side of the idler pulley. After that route the belt with the teeth facing up to engage the teeth of the Belt Pulley, make sure the teeth of the belt is locked into the groves of the belt pulley . Finally continue to route the belt to the front side of the CNC. Install it to the front belt retainer and tighten. Make sure the teeth of the belt are facing down as the belt enters and leaves the Gantry. Finally, make sure the zip ties are installed so that the lock is facing above the retainer to remain out of the way of the X-axis travel path.

Please contact helpdesk@bobscnc.com for further assistance.

October 06, 2021 — Gabe Bates