If UGS is freezing while operating it, or larger files are being upload it may be wise to increase the memory in UGS. It is a quick and simple process:

  • First is to open file explorer and find or search the “ugsplatform-win” folder.

  •  Then enter the “etc” folder. After that go into “ugsplatform.conf”. 

  • It will require a word editor such as “wordpad”.

  • Once the word editor is open, look for the line that reads “#command line switches”.

  • From there look the line ending in “-J-Xms64m -J-“,

  • all that is needing to be done here is a change in numbering, so for example change the “64” to “256”.

  • This number can be increased more if needed. Make sure to save before exiting the editor.


Please contact helpdesk@bobscnc.com for further assistance.

October 06, 2021 — Gabe Bates