We received this great letter from one of our customers, Taylor Morris.  He writes, 

"I’m currently a graduate student in the Wichita State University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. I was raised in small town Buhler Kansas and I’ve been married for 6 years now to my wife who is also working on her doctorate in nursing at WSU. 

We were already super busy so we decided to have a beautiful baby girl who just turned one to spice things up! That all being said, I needed a way to make some money from home to help when needed around the house but still be somewhat stable financially. I have always loved woodworking and my house is dotted with projects I’ve done so I decided to start selling things I made.

It started slow but I honed in on what sold well and I could make quickly which turned out to be wooden American flags, thus, Patriot Design Company was born. 

I served 6 years in the Army and have many family and friends that serve in the military as well as our local communities as police and firefighters so I absolutely love making these flags! I started by printing off the vinyl stencil and spray painting the stars and logos on my flags but it was terribly time-consuming and I often had requests to carve stars out (which I had been doing by hand… for hours). After a few weeks of research, I stumbled across the E3 and within a week was up and running! I made 30 flags the first week alone! It’s been incredible.

I simply use Microsoft word to arrange images or text for carving, take a screenshot, and upload it to a jpeg to bit map converter online. I then use F Engrave for Mac to open the image to convert it to a g-code. At the moment I set my feed rate is set at 15 for everything. Depending on the size of the flag I use two different v-bits: 90 and 60 degrees. I then use ugs platform to send it to the E3! It’s pretty simple and takes no time at all to go from image to carving.

Patriot Design Company



November 04, 2021 — Bob Wood