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About Us

Who we are...

Faith, family, and friendship are the foundation of BobsCNC. Bob, Pam, Kathi and Keith have been best friends for over 30 years. Their friendship is rooted in a mutual desire to follow Christ and to love others the way God loves them. BobsCNC was created as they realized how their individual skills and experiences could be used to build a company that creates and manufactures great products while planting and growing great relationships with customers and employees.

Bob, a graduate Missouri University of Science and Technology, has more than twenty-five years of experience in design and engineering. He has been building CNCs routers in his home shop for over fifteen years. He began BobsCNC to manufacture and sell a 3D printer he designed, the RP-9. Bob designs, models, builds and tests the prototypes for our products as well as providing invaluable technical support for our customers.

Keith has been in sales and marketing since the 1970s. He has been a pastor, a small business owner with experience in both retail and manufacturing management. He and Bob have worked together on numerous projects. His main responsibility is making sure the information we publish is comprehensive, accurate, applicable, and easy to understand.

Pam, a surgical nurse, has an extensive background in medical administration. When Pam retired she planned on spending her time with grand-kids and gardening. However, BobsCNC changed her plans. Pam is our business manager, she keeps our books in order and helps schools and other organizations with their purchases. 

Kathi, worked as a teacher in a private academy and a medical records supervisor for a local hospital. After she retired, BobsCNC asked her to come on board to help Pam.  Kathi is our project manager and also helps package hardware kits. It’s no exaggeration that without Pam and Kathi, BobsCNC wouldn’t exist.

Team Members

Chris served in the Air Force as an F-16 Crew Chief. During the Gulf War, he was stationed in Aviano, Italy where his unit provided combat support. Chris is our shipping manager He makes sure that customer orders are shipped as promised and contacts each customer with tracking information. Asked what he likes best about working at BobsCNC, he says, “The thing I like best is helping the business grow and hearing how happy our customers are.”

Kristin manages our social media and help desk as well as being our in-house photographer. Prior to coming to BobsCNC, she was a program coordinator for a not-for-profit Children’s Museum/Discovery Center. She was also a police officer and deputy sheriff for over 10 years. As a homeschooling parent of four, she is passionate about education and is driven to make our products as user-friendly as possible.

Ashley is responsible for our supply management, programming controllers and helps with getting kits ready for shipping.  She came to BobsCNC with extensive experience as a paralegal in family law, disability law, and estate planning.  She also assisted with the firm’s social media and marketing.  Ashley is a certified 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, though not currently active.   True to her word she says, “I am a big team player, with an abundant amount of sass and smiles!”

Katelyn is one of our key team members.  After starting in our shipping department she’s now in charge of the laser room.  Kate’s responsible for the maintenance of the lasers as well as the production of kit components.  From spoilboards to wiring harnesses she has willingly tackled and mastered every new responsibility that has come her way.  Her smile, eagerness to learn, as well as her willingness to help in any way possible has made her an invaluable asset for BobsCNC.

Jonathon came with construction experience as well as hands-on experience in a machine shop.  He is responsible for the production of our KL 7 Series from manufacturing to packaging. He is interested in and pursuing making projects using our products and producing how-to videos.  More than that, he helps tackle building maintenance tasks from building shop tables and workstations to helping us wire new electrical circuits for our ever-increasing needs.  He’s passionate about learning all he can about design and engineering.

John comes on board after a twenty year career in the Air Force.  He works with Bob as a design engineer.  He's done everything from serving as a crew chief on AWACS, to working as a biohazard engineer. He finished his career in the Air Force as a recruiter.  In his spare time he loves working with his hands on everything from cars to construction projects. Returning home to Missouri, he's excited about beginning a new chapter in his life.  He brings a wealth of  experience, enthusiasm and passion to do whatever is needed to make the company successful.

Ashley A our second Ashley began working part time assembling hardware kits.  After graduating from school she decided to work with us full time.  In addition to making sure our hardware kits contain all the parts needed she is in charge of packaging orders for shipping. Her organizational skill and great attitude have helped streamline our shipping processes making everything run more efficiently.

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