About Us

Faith, Family, and Friendship...

is the foundation of BobsCNC. Bob and Pam Wood, and Kathi and Keith Havens have been best friends for over 30 years, a friendship that has grown out of their desire to follow Christ. BobsCNC exists to design and manufacture great products while planting and growing great relationships with customers and employees.

Bob, a graduate Missouri University of Science and Technology, has more than twenty five years of experience in design and manufacturing. He has been building CNCs routers in his home shop for over twenty years.

Keith, has been in sales and marketing since the 1970s. He has been a small business owner with experience in both sales and retail management.

Pam, a retired surgical nurse has an extensive background in medical administration. She is our business manager; she keeps our books in order and helps schools and other organizations with their purchases.

Kathi, worked as a teacher in a private academy and as a medical records supervisor at a local regional hospital. She is our project manager and supervises the packaging of our products.

Our History

In 2015 Bob Wood and his wife Pam started BobsCNC to manufacture and sell the RP-9, a 3D printer Bob designed. In 2016 the company expanded its line of products to include CNC Routers.

That year Bob and Pam along, Keith and Kathi formed a partnership to guide the growing business. The E4 CNC Router with a full 24" X 24" cutting area was introduced to compliment the E3.

In 2018 Bob and Keith retired from their jobs to focus full-time on BobsCNC. Soon the business outgrew its original home in Bob and Pam’s garage and shop. In 2018 the foundation for a new manufacturing facility was poured.

The E3 and E4 CNC Routers were the first CNCs designed and sold by BobsCNC; the Evolution Series CNC Routers replaced the E Series CNC in 2019. The Quantum Series CNC Routers replaced the Evolution Series CNC at the end of 2022, maintaining their Best-in-Class standard of performance. The Larger format KL7 Series with 3' X 3' and 4' X 4' cutting areas were added to meet customers' production needs.

Continued growth in 2019 necessitated building an addition to house the packaging and shipping departments which was completed in 2020. In 2021 BobsCNC introduced the Revolution, the first stand-alone rotary axis CNC router in the market.

Our Philosophy: Simple Cost Effective Design

“A simple design eliminates needless complexity without compromising performance or reliability. A cost effective design selects materials and components that perform their designed function accurately and dependably. Together they give customers the best possible value. More importantly we are committed to treat every customer the way you want to be treated” 

—Bob Wood