Some say you can't manufacture a reliable, accurate CNC Router using plywood components.  Well, they’re wrong. The reviews, project photos, and posts of hundreds of happy customers provide ample evidence that the Evolution and KL Series of CNC Routers from BobsCNC are great machines for woodworkers and hobbyists.  How did we accomplish this?  The answer is through sound engineering and precision design.

Bob Wood, the lead designer for BobsCNC is a mechanical engineer with over twenty years’ experience designing and manufacturing industrial and agricultural machines for one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of farm and construction equipment.  His philosophy of design and manufacturing can be distilled into four words, Simple Cost Effective Design. “A simple design eliminates unnecessary complexity with the goal of achieving greater reliability, while a cost effective design selects material and components based on their ability to perform their function accurately and dependably. Together they give customers the best product for the cost.”

Most CNC’s are manufactured from either steel or aluminum because of the material’s inherent rigidity. The drawbacks, however, are the cost of the material and the expense of manufacturing which is then passed along to the consumer.  BobsCNC manufactures those components from cabinet grade, 5-Ply cross branded, birch plywood. To achieve the necessary level of stiffness, BobsCNC incorporates a cleverly engineered box and beam construction integrated with a simple tab and slot design.

The Evolution and KL Series CNC Routers, when operated within their design limits, achieve a consistent resolution from between .002 to .004 inches as well as the predictable, repeatable performance customers want.  Since the cost to manufacture plywood components is considerably less expensive than metal this makes the Evolution and KL Series CNC Routers exceptionally affordable and a great value for the hobby CNC’r.

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December 09, 2020 — Keith Havens
Tags: CNC cnc router