BobsCNC has exciting news.  We just signed an agreement with Vectric Ltd., the creators of VCarve to offer their complete line of software solutions to our customers.  From VCarve Desktop, for those who are new to CNC to VCarve Pro and Aspire for sophisticated, large-scale projects, Vectric’s products have set the standard for CNC woodworking.

We originally designed our Evolution and KL Series CNC Routers to operate with open source software because it's free and readily available.  However, many of our customers are not only new to CNC but also to the whole world of CAD/CAM.  As a result, we decided to search for software that would benefit both newbies and experienced CNC hobbyists. After months of searching and experimenting, we concluded that VCarve offers everything our customers need.  It's intuitive, easy to use and best of all Vectric provides customer support that is second to none.

When you purchase your software, you will receive a hard copy of the program on a memory stick.  That means the program is yours. No subscriptions or renewal fees.  You will also have the option of downloading the software from Vectric’s website.

When you visit their website, be sure to download a trial version of VCarve Desktop and view their comprehensive tutorial library.

We have a special offer only available on our website ( When you make your purchase you can get the Evolutions3 plus VCarve Desktop for only $1197.00.

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August 29, 2017 — Keith Havens