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Before You Buy Take the Test.

Are you thinking about buying a CNC router?  CNC routers are complex tools which require technical expertise and expe...

Mastering Vectric's Software

For me, the hardest part of learning to operate my CNC was learning the software.  I began with the open-source progr...

What's Wrong with Pirated Software?

When looking for software you can either use free software which is... free or you can purchase CAD/CAM software whic...

Where's the Best Place to Buy an Evolution, KL Series CNC Router, or Revolution CNC Router?

We’re often asked, “Where’s the best place to buy an Evolution, KL Series, or Revolution CNC  Router?” It’s simple, b...

Choosing the right post processor with Vetric Software.

Good news from our friends at Vetric, LTD.  The makers of VCarve Desktop, Pro and Aspire have just made it easier for...

Pirated Software

When it comes to obtaining CNC software you have two options.  You can either use free software which is... free, or ...
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