The first step in diagnosing any issue with a CNC router is checking to see if there is power supplied to the CNC router. There are two sources of power needed to power the CNC. The first being the 12-volt power supply needs to be plugged into the wall outlet and to the machine.

            The second, which can be commonly forgotten at first, is the USB connection from your computer to the CNC machine. Once you have both the 12-volt power supply and the USB connection from your machine to your computer, you will notice that the CNC will click and lock into place making it hard to move around. It is important to have USB connection from the computer to the CNC router, is because the USB connection provides 5-volts of power to the controller. The Controller is what turns on the 12-volt power supply.

            Something else to take note of, is that just because there are LED lights on the controller, does not mean that you have power. The LEDs are controlled by whether the controller is plugged in or not. The 12-volt power supply would still need to be checked to make sure it is properly plugged in.

            If both the power connections are connected and the machine can still be moved around there may be some finer things that may need to check. One being the cord connected directly to the black box of the power supply may be a little loose. Another is the glass fuse within the controller may be blown. You can check this by taking a voltmeter to the blue terminal on the controller. If it does not read at 12-volts, then the fuse has been blown. The fuse can be replaced by soldering a new one to the controller. Also, the whole controller be replaced at


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October 06, 2021 — Gabe Bates