Your CNC is a complex system of components.  It's a best practice to do a simple walk-around-pre-check whenever you begin a new project. Here’s a checklist I use.


  • Is the countertop or table the CNC sets on flat?
  • Are electrical cords grounded and in good condition?
  • Are all belts clean, free of dust and debris and properly tightened? Are there missing teeth, any cracks or excessive belt stretch?
  • Are the stepper/servo motors securely fastened to their mounts?
  • Are all screws, bolts, and nuts tight?


  • Is the Controller clean and dust free?
  • Are all the Stepper motors and Home Switches securely connected?
  • Are there any broken or missing zip ties?
  • Is the power supply connected to the controller?
  • Is the USB cable connected to the controller?
  • Is the wiring segregated and properly secured to minimize electrical noise?

Gantry and X Frame.

  • Does the Gantry roll easily on the X Frame rails?
  • Are the rails and bearings clean?
  • Are there any broken or chipped Rail supports?
  • Are the bearings adjusted snug to the rails so that they only turn when the Gantry moves?
  • Are the idler bearings and belt pullies in proper alignment?
  • Inspecting the Z Carriage.
  •  Is the Z Carriage trammed to the spoilboard?
  •  Are the bearingss snug to the rails?
  •  Is the router firmly secured in the spindle mount?
  •  Is the router collet clean and free of saw dust and debris?
  •  Are the router bits sharp?


  • Are the spoilboard, clamps and clamp hardware in good condition?
  • Does the workpiece lay flat on the spoilboard? Is it securely fastened?

A few minutes of inspection can save you from wasting time and material when machining your projects.

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October 13, 2021 — Keith Havens
Tags: cnc cncrouter