One of the most common things that any CNC machine will experience is vibration from the router and the cutting tool, this vibration can cause fasteners holding the machine together to work themselves loose over time. That is why we recommend using threadlocker on our hardware to ensure that everything remains tight. 

Threadlocker generally comes in multiple strengths indicated by the product's colors.   The two most common are either blue or red. Blue threadlocker gums up the threads and prevents bolts or screws from vibrating loose, while ensuring that it can still be unscrewed. Red threadlocker is a higher strength product that cements itself into the threads, making disassembly much more difficult.

We recommend using Loctite 242 Blue, Permatex Threadlocker Blue, or some other generic blue bottle threadlocker. 

Helpful Tip: One of our customers has found that using epoxy fingernail polish works really well.


December 10, 2021 — Jonathan Horn
Tags: CNC cnc router