What's Wrong with Pirated Software?

When looking for software you can either use free software which is... free or you can purchase CAD/CAM software which can be expensive.  It's the cost that makes buying pirated software so tempting. But this is a temptation to be avoided at all costs (no pun intended). Using pirated software is both wrong and illegal!

“From the software companies' point of view, unauthorized copying, and distribution, whether copyright infringement or outright piracy, is harmful because it deprives them of profits. It can also damage their reputations since pirated software may be faulty or loaded with malware, in which case users may express anger with the product and the company. Piracy is also an issue because it can threaten the safety of computer users, since pirated software products may be used to harvest personal information, load a computer with viruses, or engage in other activities which will hurt the user (https://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-pirated-software.htm).

BobsCNC is an authorized distributor for Vetric V Carve Desktop, VCarve Pro, and Aspire Software products and EstlCam.  Vetric’s Software may be purchased at BobsCNC.com or from Vetric’s website.

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