If while operating the Evolution, the user notices that the cutting is at low quality and off center, it could be due to the Eccentric Spacers being not fully tightened. Adjusting the X and Y-axis can as simple as just tightening the spacers. It is important to remember when tightening the spacers on the left side of the CNC that the spacer tightens clockwise. (When standing in front of the CNC, facing the router is how you determine which side is left or right.) When tightening the spacers on the right side of the CNC the spacers tighten counterclockwise.

                When adjusting the Z-axis Eccentric Spacers, one should know there are four spacers. It is important to remember the goal is to the ACME rod being in the center of the bottom hole on the Z drive. The tools necessary for this adjustment task are: a Phillips screwdriver, a 10mm wrench and a 13mm wrench. When adjusting the Z-axis spacers, they need to be tightened clockwise for the left side and counterclockwise for the side. The spacers will need to be adjusted equally. For example, if the user adjusts one side two clicks, they will need to adjust the other side two clicks. This will keep the position even on both sides, which in return will keep the ACME rod down the center. This process will be repeat on top and bottom, left and right until the router is snug and not moving.

                Once the spacers are correctly tightened and the rod is still going through the center, the user will have to fully tighten the screws in the back connecting to the spacers. To do this you may have to readjust the Z-drive by rotating the Aluminum Coupler so that the Z Assembly moves up and down so that you can access the screws. Ensure that the Eccentric Spacers does not rotate while the screws are being tightened.

Please contact helpdesk@bobscnc.com for further assistance.

October 06, 2021 — Gabe Bates