The assumption is made that the Evolution has been correctly homed. While trying to jog the CNC router across any of its axes and it’s making a weird sound and/or not moving or moving very, very slowly, this could simply be due to the feed rate and step size. The default for Universal G-code Sender, UGS is 10 millimeters per minute. That would take the whole minute to travel that 10mm, which is why it looks like it’s moving very slow or not at all. The units of measurement can be changed from millimeters to inches, based on the user’s preference.

            To have a quicker jog on the router, the step size and feed rate will need to be changed to a higher count. Step size is how far the machine will travel. Feed rate is how fast the machine will travel.

            A good example of a step size and feed rate would be:

Step size: 1 inch for your XY, or about 25mm

                 0.2 inch for your Z, or about 5mm

Feed rate: 200 inches per minute, or about 5000m

            After the size and rate have been set, there are two ways to jog the Evolution. The first would be tapping the X+/-, Y+/-, or Z+/-. The machine will move one step at a time until the router is in position. The second way would be by pressing and holding any of the previous stated buttons, this will cause the machine to move more fluid and quicker. Something to keep in mind while pressing and holding these buttons is that the machine will add each step up. If the step size is at a higher count the machine will continue to move past the point where the button is released, because it has counted all the steps it needs to take during the duration of when the button was held down. Another reason it will move past the point of release, much like a car, it needs time to decelerate.

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October 06, 2021 — Gabe Bates