GrooVee Jenny - 90deg Downshear Vbit - 8675309-V90


3/8 diameter 90deg Vbit on a 1/4" shank

Important Tool Facts:

  • Down-shear tool geometry
  • 100% custom tip geometry
  • 3 flute, with Zirconium Nitride coating.
  • 2" overall length
  • Solid carbide


Unique Features: 

The custom bit geometry means this is a down-shear "V" bit made from 100% carbide

(Not carbide tipped) Resulting in cleaner cuts for all your V carving needs.


  • The down-shear tool geometry means less tear out on pre-coated surfaces and masking materials like Oramask. 
  • Zirconium Nitride coating can yeilding up to 3X's the tool life with proper feeds and speeds. 
  • Solid carbide 3 flute means a perfectly balanced bit resulting in a clean finish
  • Custom tip geometry allows the tip to cut like an engraving tool.


The GrooVee Jenny is truly one of a kind! World's 1st Down-shear Vbit. 

It has been crowd sourced and approved by the CNC community and I'm honored to share her with you. Thank you!