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KL733 Gantry Wood Kit

Product image 1KL733 Gantry Wood Kit
Product image 2KL733 Gantry Wood Kit

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   G1 - Gantry Side Right (1)

   G2 - Gantry Side Left (1)

   G3 - Gantry Side Supports (3)

   G4 - Gantry Side Support for Drag Chain: left side only (1)

   G5 - Belt Drive Mounts (2)

   G6 - Cross Braces (2)

   G7 - Top and Bottom Brackets: 2 per side (4)

   G8 - Drag Chain Mount (1)

   G9 - Gantry Frame (1)

   G10 - Gantry Top and Bottom Support (2)

   G11 - Gantry Back Brace (1)

   G12 - Y Rail Supports (8)

   G13 - Horizontal Braces (2)

   G14 - Box Braces (2)

   G15 - Belt Holders (2)

   G16 - X Home Switch Mounts: 6mm (3)

Replacement in KL733 

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