"Skinny Jenny" (.062" Tapered ball nose) - 8675309-SJ


Skinny Jenny

1/16 Tapered Ball Nose bit "The Skinny Jenny"



The Skinny Jenny is proudly American made. Designed by Woodworkers for Woodworkers in Tempe AZ. While other companies might offer similar tools, the Jenny has been designed to give you the desired results of a standard tapered ball nose without all the cleanup. In conjunction with a 3 flute TBN, The SJ uses the same flute and relief geometry as the Jenny bit and has an enlarged core diameter to help manage harmonics and vibrations yielding a better carve. Lastly the Jenny has a Zirconium Nitride coating increasing the tool life up to 3X.


Coating: Zirconium nitride (ZrN)

Flutes: 3

Shank: .250"

Ball Dia: .0625"

Radius: .0312"

Angle: 5°

Flute Length: 1.125"

Overall Length" 3.00"