Building the Best Mouse Trap and CNC

The original motto for BobsCNC was, “Designs that are simple and cost effective,” but I got thinking. There’s got to be a simpler way to say it.  I reorganized the statement and deleted three words. Now our motto is, "Simple and Cost Effective Design."  A philosophical principle known as Occam’s Razor, states  “The simplest answer that solves all the related issues of a problem is likely to be the best solution” (my paraphrase).

Simplicity is a powerful principle.  Think about a mouse trap.  A mouse trap only has the pieces it needs to catch mice.  More parts and added complexity don’t make better or more effective mouse traps. 

Cost Effective means “the parts are capable to perform the function.”  You don’t build a mousetrap out of titanium.  You need a wood base that is thick enough to lay flat and not warp, wire that is a heavy enough gauge to hold a bend and not deform when snapped shut and a spring strong enough to store the energy that when released will effectively deliver the desired smack.

The Evolution and KL Series CNC Routers epitomize simple, cost effective design.  The fit and finish of a completed kit is second to none and more robust than many of the prepackaged machines available.  Take a look at our reviews on and you’ll see our customers agree.  In addition, the sweat equity of assembling a kit and learning to operate it from the ground up will give you insights into its production potential and your own creative potential as well.  They are designed to "Unleash Your Creativity.

When products are simplified they become accessible.  When they become accessible more people benefit.  When more people benefit—well that how life’s supposed to work.  That’s what "simple, cost effective design" does.

Unleash Your Creativity.


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